112 Carlota Galgos is a small rescue and rehabilitation centre located in Malaga, Spain founded by Charlotte and Dioni Del Rio with the assistance of their three children Sebastian, Sofia and Neizan. Being a unique organization, 112 Carlota Galgos remains small in order to receive some hardcore trauma cases and offer special individualized care to each new entry into the finca.

One of the greatest benefits in partnering with 112 Carlota Galgos is their indepth profiling of each individual galgo. All adoption contracts are done directly through 112 Carlota Galgos and Charlotte provides ongoing support to each and every one of her galgos. None of the galgos leave the finca until they are physically and mentally ready for a trans-atlantic flight and successful integration into their new homes.

Charlotte and Dioni's dream is to create a safe haven for the abused and abandoned galgos of Spain and to establish an educational centre in order for the next generation to have understanding of the true spirit and soul of the galgo español. Charlotte vision is for the galgo español to be recognized and respected as the family pets they were born to be and not abused and discarded hunting tools.

Please visit the 112 Carlota Galgos website at

http:www.112carlotagalgos.com for the history and story of the galgo español.

"My Life, My Freedom" ~ Charlotte Del Rio

"Love Never Fails" ~ Charlotte Del Rio